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therapeutic testosterone gel for treating chronic pain, chronic inflammatory pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue syndrome, and post traumatic st

White Mountain Pharma

Developing chronic pain treatments with therapeutic testosterone gel.

Innovations in Chronic Pain Therapeutics


Thomas D. Robinson, M.D.
– Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Robinson has over 20 years experience in clinical development, marketing, and management at companies such as Pfizer and Sankyo. While at Sankyo, Dr. Robinson had direct oversight of two NDA projects, including Benicar® and BenicarHCT®, and three phase IV programs. These products now generate over $1 billion in annual sales. Dr. Robinson served as Chief Resident in Medicine at Roosevelt Hospital in New York and holds an AB from Princeton and an MBA from Columbia University.


Hillary D. White, Ph. D.
– Co-Founder, Director of Scientific Affairs

Dr. White is currently Adjunct Professor at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth (formerly Dartmouth Medical School). Dr. White received her Ph.D. from the Chemistry Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Postdoctoral work included study at the University of Washington with Dr. Edwin G. Krebs who received the Nobel Prize for his discovery of Protein Kinases, now known to be iconic regulators of cell function including how immunologic cells signal one another and their environment. Her formal training includes chemistry/biochemistry, enzymology and enzyme kinetics, enzymology of protein kinases, molecular biology and genetic engineering/cloning of the beta globin genetic locus, and the impact of retroviruses and their chimeric clones on anti-retroviral CD8 T cell immune responses. Dr. White has had an enduring focus on normal CTL function in the reproductive tract, dysfunctional anti-tumor CTL function in ovarian tumor states as well as other pathologic states, and the regulation of immunologic function by sex steroid hormones such as androgens/testosterone, estrogens and progestins.

Her ongoing scientific interests include the underlying mechanisms of chronic unresolvable pain, the regulation of nociceptive neurons by sex steroid hormones, reproductive neuro-endocrine immunology, reproductive sex steroid hormone regulation of the immune system, stress-responses in relation to reproductive immunobiology, female reproductive tract mucosal CD8 T cell immunobiology, infertility in relation to reproductive immunobiology, impact of HIV on female reproductive tract immune cell function, ovarian tumor immunobiology, and mechanisms of immunologic tolerance relating to reproductive systems.

Dr. White has served as an NIH review board member for NIH small business grants (SBIR/STTR) since 2003.

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Robert C. K. Crary
– Co-Founder, Director of Finance

Mr. Crary has been a private equity investor for over 20 years as President of Fulcrum Management, Inc. and formerly as Vice President and Director of Creditanstalt Capital Corporation, an SBIC. Previously, Mr. Crary was a management consultant at Arthur D. Little and an officer with Chemical Bank (JP Morgan Chase). Mr. Crary received a B.A. from Amherst College and an MBA from The Tuck School at Dartmouth.

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